Mr. D’s Maker’s Almanac

Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by. Every week when we work on passion projects I try and bring real world examples in that I can show to inspire students. Sometimes when everyone is working independently and I’m feeling particularly useless,* I even work on a project of my own. I was reflecting on this a while back and decided, “what better way to inspire folks than to chronicle my own ” real world” passion projects? So here it is. Mr. D’s Maker’s Almanac. The almanac will feature current projects that I am working on, projects that I have finished, and from time to time inspired projects of friends, family, other folks from the maker community. Enjoy!


*Ironically this can actually be a good thing as a teacher… it often shows that students are focused and motivated. Feeling useless is just about one of the most difficult emotions for someone who has chosen to devote their life to helping people learn, yet it does not always denote failure. As long as students are on task and not just “work avoiding,” feeling useless can be a sign that you’ve succeeded at slowly transferring responsibility to the students.